Residential architecture in particular comes with a lot of emotional involvement and satisfaction from seeing a direct, positive impact on lives. We, as architects are privileged to be given opportunities to observe and even share the lives of our clients in order to design perfect homes that not only frame their lives but serve as platform for them to expand and enhance their daily experiences.

All of our residential projects have uplifting, inspiring, and innovative qualities that are achieved within realistic time frames and affordable construction budgets. There is a strong focus on using all available space to its full potential and being as energy efficient as possible.


Many of our design principles are universal and this allows for the same design philosophies used in our residential designs to be applied to our commercial works. To create an exceptional space which will last a lifetime we need to always be mindful that our buildings are for people.

Furthermore, we must remind ourselves that architects rarely use the commercial buildings we design. That is why we take the time to carefully research the end users. We want to affect lives positively through our good design by creating artistic yet contemporary plans.


Being a in the hospitality industry is exciting – you have the opportunity to create buildings that will stand for generations and enrich a neighbourhood or town. But let’s not forget about the stakeholders, budgets and regulations bringing you back down to earth.

We back you with a team skilled at finding the balance between great design and the pragmatic considerations of launching a successful bar or restaurant. With a construction manager on our directorial team, you know we value the logistics of your project just much as the aspirational architecture we’re striving for.


About Us…

We are ambitious architects & designers who love to work with ambitious clients.
We are innovative and aim to live and work responsibly.
We work collaboratively – with our clients and other creatives.
We bring an inquisitive approach to the design process.
And we create projects that are beautiful, inspiring and unexpected.


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CLIFF HOUSE architectural design
CLIFF HOUSE Architectural design

What we do…

We guide you through the pre-construction journey to ensure the design suits your site and minimises environmental impact before we confirm all details in readiness for contract signing.

We take care of documentation, schedules, building permits and town planning during the approval phase to ensure the construction process runs smoothly and efficiently.


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Our Architectural Work…

Check out our work,  fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch to chat about how we can help.  In return, we’ll happily provide you our time on a call to chat through architectural ideas to help you get started!

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